Diversity + Inclusion + Talent Fulfillment + Managed Services

The idea that equal opportunity should exist for all people is the basis of our company culture, as well as, the driving force behind our business efforts every day.

Our Services

Our business is building your business

We’re proud of our reputation as a leader in providing innovative,
multi-dimensional services in the public and private sectors.

Consultation & Management.

Our corporate services ensure that diversity programs are aligned with high-level corporate objectives, employ performance metrics to measure progress and align objectives at the operational level.

TKT & Associate Inc.’s public- and private-sector client list includes government entities, corporations, major construction projects and manufacturers.

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“Talented and innovative diverse suppliers provide new entrepreneurial thinking, becoming strategic partners committed to accountability and sustained growth.”

Tierra Kavanaugh (Turner) Wayne, CEO of TKT & Associates

Strengthen Small Businesses.

We believe strengthening small business is the key to sustained economic development. Our small business growth programs bridge the gap in resources between start-up and the next stages in the life cycle of business. We provide business development resources to build stronger foundations, creating more competitive market environments.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team can bring new focus and success to your business.

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