Many companies work hard to create and sustain dynamic, successful diversity programs only to face daunting challenges in identifying certified firms as suppliers and tracking outcomes of their procurement efforts.

TKTCATT™ is a proprietary web-based supplier management/procurement tracking system developed by TKT & Associates, Inc. in partnership with NIMBUS that transforms the process by which most businesses and contractors manage their supplier diversity programs. This secure, online system provides:

  • Multidimensional verified supplier database of certified small, disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned business enterprises
  • Sophisticated, easy-to-utilize method of collecting data and tracking supplier performance at multiple tiers
  • Real-time reporting of contract and project status and payment tracking
  • Systematic RFP management including documentation of “Good Faith Efforts” and other compliance policies
  • Customized on-site training and ongoing customer support


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We believe strengthening small business is the key to sustained economic development. Our small business growth programs bridge the gap in resources between start-up and the next stages in the life cycle of business. We provide business development resources to build stronger foundations, creating more competitive market environments.

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