The traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP) model only addresses contingent staffing needs. But TKTKONNECT expands the limitations of standard MSPs by managing both your contract and direct-hire talent acquisitions. Partnering with TKTKONNECT as the single point of contact for your workforce development activities positions you to save time, reduce expenses and eliminate the complications of handling multiple staffing vendors.

In addition to streamlining and simplifying processes for your business, TKTKONNECT offers you the added benefits of specialized consultation, analysis and forecasting services to optimize your workforce development activities, enhance your competitive advantages and generate positive impacts on your bottom line.

Vendor Performance Management

  • Increase vendor accountability
  • Create more efficient and productive workflow
  • Establish, administer and manage consistent policy compliance
  • Standardize pricing structures and leverage economies of scale

Workforce Productivity

  • Improve precision of contingent and permanent candidate recruitment
  • Manage accountability of compliance and regulatory policies
  • Enhance communications and responsiveness of placed personnel
  • Support environment of innovation and quality improvement

Cost Savings

  • Enhance cost controls and expense management
  • Lower vendor fees and no-hassle pricing
  • Decrease operating costs through process efficiencies
  • Reduce turnover and increase retention of quality placements

Process Innovation and Efficiency

  • Best-in-class compensation and incentive programming
  • Leading-edge diversity and inclusion consultation, strategies and training
  • Comprehensive assessment of sub-tier supplier protocols
  • Workforce analysis and forecasting for reorganizations, mergers and downsizing
  • Compliance monitoring and alignment with regulatory requirements

Strengthen Small Businesses.

We believe strengthening small business is the key to sustained economic development. Our small business growth programs bridge the gap in resources between start-up and the next stages in the life cycle of business. We provide business development resources to build stronger foundations, creating more competitive market environments.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team can bring new focus and success to your business.

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