“FastTrac GrowthVenture allowed me to focus on the “Big Picture”. It allowed me to organize my thoughts, put them in writing and establish the course I’ll follow in the future.”
Jorge Lanz, P.E. President, Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz, Inc.

“I urge every business owner to participate in GrowthVenture to receive practical, knowledgeable information for taking your business to the next level.”
Patrick Johnson, Abednego Construction, LLC
FastTrac GrowthVenture has given me the ability to focus my attention and energy on the issues in my business that are most important. It’s been a worthwhile process and great use of my time. I would definitely recommend this program to other business owners who want to get serious about their business.
Courtney Smith, Benefit Payee Services, Inc.

“FastTrac GrowthVenture at TKT & Associates has been the best thing to happen to me and my business. This program allowed me to grow as a business owner, while giving me the tools needed to take my business to the next level… I would highly recommend this program to all entrepreneurs.”
Amy Aubrey, AJA Contracting, LLC

“Through the professional facilitators and guest speakers, Taron Construction was able to identify core competencies in our business strategy. Having a business plan is the utmost importance to maintain and grow our business.”
Connie Williams, Taron Construction & Development, Inc.

“FastTrac GrowthVenture has been a real eye-opener for running my business. What I came to realize is it is not only tools for my business but tools that can also be used for personal growth.”
Ann R. Towels, President, Advanced Safety Systems LLC

“My staff and I found GrowthVenture to be a very effective and comprehensive introduction to those issues critical to successfully growing and maintaining a small business. Participation in the FastTrac program forced us to develop our goals and begin to build the foundation for making those goals a reality. Through Michael Ashcraft’s facilitation, the expert speakers and the information shared in group discussion with the other small business owners, we came to understand why some things we had done in the past were wrong and how they could be done better. The program lasted only 10 weeks but I know that it will serve us well for years to come.”
Anne Bader, Corn Island Archaeology, LLC.

“After participating in the FastTrac GrowthVentureprogram, I have built up my confidence level to move forward in building the company. I’ve learned so much from my fellow classmates and through their experiences, the good and the bad; I’m now sure what road to go down.”
Patrick Mansfield, America’s Finest Filters

“Excellent, thought provoking training! Even if you have been in business for a while, this class will take you back to the basics. Also, the class will help you revisit the areas of your business you have been avoiding.”
Theresa Hinton, Comprehensive Consulting

“This is a class all owners should take. Seasoned business owners should take it every 3 to 4 years to stay sharp. I will recommend this class to business sellers who wish to improve their operation to increase value. I will recommend to business buyers so they start business ownership on the right track!”
David Hinton, Venture Resources

“The FastTrac program was great! It made me think differently about our company. I’ve become more strategic in my thinking and look at information differently. The information that the program exposed me to was invaluable. If I had known that the program was this good, I would have taken it much sooner!”
Joe Lee Phillips, American Ready Mix

“I have and will recommend the FastTrac program to business owners and managers. This program has made me look not only at the future of my company, but also at the history of the company. I not only have gained enlightenment into my business, but have also re-gained the enthusiasm to really work my company, like I had when I started it over 6 years ago.”
Sherry Blakey, Encon Environmental Contracting, LLC
“I have two masters’ degrees, in business and finance and FastTrac put it all together. FastTrac put me on the right track with realistic, applicable tools. The group discussions had immediate, positive impact, and the lesson plans will be work-in-progress to attain long-term goals. Thank you!”
Martha Rainey, Ah, Whatta ‘Bout Mimi

“GrowthVenture definitely gave me the opportunity to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. It also gave me the tools to address important aspects of my business. Finally, being with the other participants, helped develop confidence to consider new business development options.”
Rosanne Kruzich, RKX Consulting

“The FastTrac GrowthVenture program allowed me to determine a strategic direction for GTG Electrical Corporation, Inc. from a real world perspective. The program’s curriculum and the camaraderie provided a forum for entrepreneurs to view the successes and failures of others. Therefore, allowing one to extract elements that will be of great benefit to his or her own organization. I have developed some valuable relationships with the team of TKT & Associates, Inc. and colleagues from the October-December 2008 class. I am forever grateful. Many Blessings!”
Velena Lenston, GTG Electrical Corp, Inc.

“FastTrac GrowthVenture gave me the structure we all need as business owners to look at the different aspects of my business and forced me to take the time to plan and implement the next steps to improve my company and our future.”
Jeff Pate, Owner, Practical Care and Elder Care Solutions (Finalist, 2009 Inc.Credible Awards)

“I came into GrowthVenture with the expectation that I would be given all the answers, literally! Instead it taught me how to understand and find my own answers ñ and to use my answers to get my long-term strategy for my business off the ground.”
Joanne Poe, President, Energy Saving Systems

“I studied this in business school, but I wasn’t a business owner then!”
Tracie Utter, Owner, Utterly Organized

“First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest appreciation for your above and beyond assistance as part of the FastTrac training my company is going through. I thought I knew what strategic planning in business entailed, but now that I have been in three weeks of GrowthVenture, I have already gained a whole new perspective on my company ‘s core competencies, and what lies ahead in order to improve our business and our bottom line.

“Your personal manner in conducting this series is an extra I didn’t expect. That along with the SCORE “SWAT-TEAM” assigned to us is sure to help us re-invent ourselves just in time to not only survive in the tumultuous world of communication, but to actually thrive in it!”
Adolfo (Ben) Ruiz, Creative Director & CEO, Adhawks Advertising & Public Relations, Inc.

“This is the best investment I ever made for my company. I finished the program with tools that will affect the way I manage my company from the very first meeting. Without a doubt, the best program available of its kind. Really!”
Cris Carson, Owner, Robert L. Schmitt Co, Inc.

“I have wanted to complete my business plan and roll out a strategic plan for a long time. The FastTrac GrowthVenture program and instructors forced me to initiate the process! I am excited to see where New Age will be a year from now because of their help.”
Tawana Bain, Owner and President, New Age Communications

“The FastTrac GrowthVenture program is an eye-opener even for the most seasoned business owners. It’s also a great program for the new or young business owner because it provides assistance with focus that everyone needs.”
Connie Moeller, American Commercial Title & Escrow, LLC.

“FastTrac GrowthVenture was an eye-opening experience that forced our company to pull the pieces apart, ask questions, evaluate, find answers and build a much more solid foundation.”
Shaun Lockhart, Owner, SLAP and A Daily Task, LLC

“As we looked for ways to improve and innovate, we realized that a formal plan of action was needed. The Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce came to the rescue with the FastTrac GrowthVenture program. Over the 10-week program, we honed our vision and goals to develop our strategic plan. We were able to share our thoughts and ideas with other entrepreneurs in a safe, confidential environment each week, and developed friendships with other entrepreneurs that will last for years. Best of all, we will use our strategic plan to guide our growth and transition to the next generation to lead Stith Funeral Home.”
Ann Yager Hamlin, Owner, President, Stith Funeral Home

“I have learned a lot by attending the program, some issues of running a small business, I was aware of, but FastTrac GrowthVenture has given me great insight for the future, Thank you for all you have done to inspire us at C.K.!”
Maurice E. Coates, Jr., President, C.K. United Sheet Metal & Mechanical, Inc.

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